Upcoming changes

We are very excited to inform you that we have been working on some visual changes of our content on the Samsung Galaxy Store that will increase the discoverability of MKWatchface and will help you identify our watchfaces easier. Additionally, we have launched a new promotion for your.

Descriptive icons

We are slowly updating our icons to include the latest Galaxy Watch 3 frame.

We are also including an easy to distinguish MK sign that will help you identify our work without having to enter the watch face app details page

We also include a descriptive banner with the some of the greatest features to support this very same reason.

Buy 1 Get 1 for Free

We have recently launched a BUY 1, GET 1 for free promotion. From now on, anyone can obtain a coupon for their desired watch face simply by meeting the following criteria:

  • Buy an MKWatchface dial
  • Rate & comment on the Samsung Galaxy Store
  • Send us a screenshot of the comment to [email protected] and include your COUNTRY and the name of any other watchface you like.
  • We will send you a coupon as soon as possible

As we are creating more content, we are also providing older content for free. Very soon you will be able to download for free the following 4 watch faces:

We hope that you will welcome and enjoy the upcoming changes as we strive to deliver not only great content but also the entire ecosystem around it!

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