Tap to Reveal Technique

Tap to reveal is a technique that is commonly used in watch faces and it is used to show or hide elements or areas of your watch face thus, keeping the design uncluttered while providing the option to see more details if required. Below you can find an example of the tap to reveal technique

In the example above, we use a really nice classic design that can be instantly transformed into a more sporty design. Using the “Tap to Reveal” technique, the user can hide or show individually and on demand the gauges with sensor information such as steps and distance, battery status and heart rate.

In MKWatchface, we are using the “Tap To Reveal” technique quite often when we need to create a really simple design that can be used for example in a business meeting, while the same design can be used on sport activities such as hiking.

Apart from the above described usage, “Tap To Reveal” can be expanded to create our next idea and innovation, the “App Drawer”.

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