MK028 – Class 1



MK028 – Class 1 is a hybrid watch face with sharp graphics for those that enjoy a classic look on their watch. This watch face features individual color changes on the outer and inner index as well as tap to reveal functionality that allows to hide or reveal additional data.

– Classic look
– Gyro shine effects on inner and outer index
– Steps count
– Steps Progress (lower gauge)
– Calories burned (max 4000 per day) / (Left Gauge)
– Last recorded Heart Rate (upper gauge)
– Remaining battery (red indicator around the inner index)
– Battery percentage (you need to reveal the additional data)
– Double tap on 12 to change inner index color
– Double tap on 9 to change outer index color
– Double tap on 3 to reveal / hide additional health data)
– Double tap on HR gauge to open Heart Rate app
– Double tap on Calories gauge to open sHealth
– Double tap on Steps gauge to open Steps app

AOD mode gives a nice light blue hue to the outer and inner index, reduces the brightness but maintains all the most important data always visible.


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