MK027 – Dynamo



MK027 – Dynamo is an awesome digital watch face designed with focus on your daily activity data. It packs awesome features and functionality such as the Auto Light-Up mode, texture and color changes, brightness setting and our latest feature called DHR (Dynamic Heart Range).

DHR (Dynamic Heart Range) will use different colors to display the heart rate allowing the user to keep their tempo during exercising. 4 different ranges have been assigned such as “Resting”, “Normal”, “Moderate” and “Vigorous”. The functionality can be disabled if required by double tapping on the 9 position.

Activity Data:
– Floors
– Distance (KM/Miles)
– Steps Count
– Steps Progress gauge
– Heart Rate
– Dynamic Heart Range
Basic Data:
– Date (dd/mmmm) – Multilanguage
– Week of the year
– Digital time (12Hrs / 12Hrs) no leading zero
– Battery Indicator
– Double tap the “Texture” button to change background (7 available backgrounds)
– Tap the “Brightness” button to change screen brightness
– Double tap on 9 Position to enable/disable Dynamic Heart Range
– Double tap the screen to change color (8 available colors)
– Double tap the Steps Progress gauge to change color (8 Available colors)
– Move your wrist to activate the Auto Light-up mode
– Double tap the “Weather” button to check the weather
– Double tap the “Workout” button to start exercising
– Double tap the “Music” button to start the music player
– Double tap the “Phone” button to make a phone call
– Double tap in the middle of the face to open your recent apps

MK027 – Dynamo supports High color AOD mode that is designed independently preserving all the data as in active mode but reducing the battery drain.


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