MK025 – Venture



MK025 – Venture is a high detailed analog animated watch face that contains tons of functionality and features. Built with extreme attention to detail it has sharp graphics and great design.

– Spinning Moon Animation (Moon Phase)
– Fixed control positions
– Possibility to hide the animation
– Sharp design and graphics
– Independent color changing
o 7 colors for highlights and icons
o 7 colors for each indicator independently
– Changeable watch hands
o 7 hand designs for hour and minute hands
o 4 designs for seconds hand
– Up to 4 app shortcuts (user defined)
– Double tap below 12 to Hide moon animation (check the video)
– Double tap on 11 (index to change the minutes hand
– Double tap on 12 (index) to change the seconds hand
– Double tap on 1 (index) to change the hours hand
– Double tap on 9 (index) to change battery indicator color
– Double tap on 3 (index) to change steps progress indicator color
– Double tap on 6 (index) to change accent highlight and icon color

AOD has been designed to reduce the brightness and assign a blue hue to the colored areas while it also stops and hides the animation and seconds hand to preserve battery power.


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