MK018 – Revolver




MK018 – Revolver, is our new hybrid watch face which not only contains awesome visuals, functionality and customization features but it is the first watch face with our new innovation the “Auto Light-up” mode in which the screen turns on with watch movement to simulate the light function on traditional watches.

– Choose between 5 background textures
-10 available screen colors
– App Drawer
– Auto Light-up mode
– 12/24 Hour format
– Change Texture: double tap on the date to change texture of the background
– App Drawer: tap once on the “APPS” button
Available Apps:
Direct workout
Mucic player
Watch settings
2x Custom shortcuts
– Change Screen Color: double tap on the “Color” button
– Keep Screen On: by default, “Auto Light-up” mode is enabled and the screen turns on or off by moving your wrist. Tap once the “LIGHT” button to disable this mode and keep the screen on at all times.

Check out a review from Jibber Jab!

AOD mode preserves all the details as in active mode while reducing the power consumption to the minimum


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