MK017 – Nion



Nion is a digital watch face made for sports enthusiasts. While it keeps a minimal design with beautiful colors and combinations, it provides all relevant information about your day and exercise status. Built-in you can find awesome functionality and customization In detail:


– Easy to read digital time (12/24H formats)

– Date (multi language)

– Day of the year & Week of the Year (numerical)

– Last recorded heart rate and 3 zone HR indicator

– Moon Phase (7 Positions)

– Battery % and indicator

– Steps % and Indicator

– Steps Count

– 2 data areas (color can be defined individually)

– Rotating Seconds hand (color can be defined individually) – Hour color (can be defined individually)

– Change colors
o Upper data area (double tap)
o Lower data area (double tap)
o Hour digits (tap)
o Seconds hand (tap on center)

Check also a review from our friends at Jibber Jab Reviews:


AOD mode
AOD mode is designed to provide all the available data as in active mode however it is significantly reduces the energy consumption.


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