MK016 – Informer




MK016 – Informer is a beautiful hybrid watch face featuring a stunning design while providing a great amount of information related to your health and sport activities. It will also increase your productivity as it contains the well known “App Drawer” feature. In detail:


– Steps Progress

– Battery Indicator

– Heart Rate

– Steps Count

– Distance Moved

– Calories Burned

– Floors Climbed

– Analog & Digital Time (12H/24H)

– App Drawer

– Double tap on 12 position to change between 10 background colors
– Tap on the 6 position to open App Drawer
– Double tap on each icon to open the designated app
– 4x Pre-defined Apps
– 2x Custom apps

Our watchface has been reviewed by Jibber Jab Reviews. Check this out:

AOD: AOD mode maintains all the available details as in Active mode but achieves low battery consumption while ensures visibility on any light condition.


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