MK014 – Rapid



A hybrid watch face designed by sports enthusiasts featuring two LCD displays. The upper display focuses on date and time information while the lower display contains health information. Plenty of customization options have been included as well including but not limited to GA Color mode, 10 color options for each display, adjustable brightness, App Drawer and more.


– High quality hybrid design

– Two LCD screens

– Adjustable brightness (4 levels)

– Brightness indicator

– Individual color selection on each screen

– Rotating Month index

– GA Color mode on the dials

– 4 pre-defined shortcuts

– 1 Custom shortcut – Awesome AOD mode

– Change upper LCD color (tap on index on 12 position)
– Chance Lower LCD color (tap on index on 6 position)
– App Drawer (tap the steps icon) – Double tap each icon to open app
– Adjust brightness (double tap the upper LCD)

MK014 – Rapid features an awesome AOD that allows great visibility of the most important information on any light condition.


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