MK012 – Avalon



MK012 – Avalon is yet our most advanced watch face. It contains the innovative GA Color Mode in which the colors of the dials are blended to each other using gyro inputs. An App Drawer is also implemented enabling you to open you apps directly from the watch face. Below the complete list of features:

Colors & Brightness:

– Screen color: double tap the upper button “LCD COLOR”. You can shuffle between 6 available colors
– Gauge color: as you load the watch face, the “GA Color mode” or “Gyro activated color” mode is enabled. Move your watch and the colors on the gauge will start to blend. This method works independently from traditional color methods so by taping each gauge you can still shuffle between pre-defined colors.
– Screen Brightness: This feature adjusts the brightness of the screen to create more contrast with the data displayed on the screens. Double tap the lower button “BRIGHTNESS” to shuffle through 5 different brightness levels. A brightness indicator is located over the button that will show you on which brightness level you are.

App Drawer:

– The watch face features an app drawer function where app shortcuts reveal when you tap the “APP DRAWER” text just above the main clock. Double click one of the icons to open a specific app.


– Moon Phase (7 positions)
– Battery %
– Steps %
– Distance moved [km & miles] (top)
– Current speed [km & miles] (bottom) – Only works when walking or running
– Date in EEE dd MMM format
– Main clock with 12/24 HRS support (please change the settings on the paired phone to test)
– Steps Count (upper gauge)
– Heart Rate (lower gauge)
– Dual time clock (please tap to set up timezone)
– Week number (week in the year)

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