MK008 – Influencer



Download now our new watch face! MK008 – Influencer. It has been built with extreme attention to detail in order to provide unparalleled quality while it preserves it’s functionality using an app drawer.

About App Drawer:
With the app drawer feature, you don’t need to remember the position of the shortcuts on your dial. Just tap the center of the hands and icons will appear. Double tap each icon to open the specific app. This is extremely useful if you have not used the watch face for some time.


1. Premium Quality
2. App Drawer
3. Battery status
4. Steps status against target
5. Heart Rate
6. Heart Range
9. Date


1. App Drawer
2. Phone
3. Health
4. Direct workout
5. Music Player
6. Schedule
7. 2x Custom Shortcuts
8. AOD Mode

We feel confident that our design will decorate your watch


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