MK007 – Metal Dynasty


Metal Dynasty, is a hybrid design providing the majority of health statistics from your watch sensors in an elegant, beautiful design. While we keep the most important information always visible in the dial, we use an awesome tap to reveal technique to provide additional information on the index of the watch face.

– Time in analog format
– Beautiful design
– All available information from the watch sensors
– Tap to reveal technique
– Pre-defined app shortcuts
– User defined shortcuts
– Awesome AOD mode

About sensor information:
– Always visible information
– Steps count
– Heart Rate
– Battery Status (analog & digital)
– Steps against target status (analog & digital)
– Distance moved
– Calories burned
– Day of the week
– Day of the month (numeric)

– Hidden information (tap the index to reveal)
– Heart rate range (low/medium/high)
– Water intake
– Caffeine intake
– Speed
– Floors

– Change Color (double tap either the battery or the steps % gauges)
– Tap to reveal (tap the index of the watch face)
– Heart Rate app shortcut (double tap the upper gauge)
– Recent Apps (double tap the center of the dial)
– Workout (double tap the distance gauge)
– Schedule (double tap the date)
– Samsung health app (double tap the calories)
– 2x user defined shortcuts (3 dots located on the dial)

About AOD mode:
MK007 – Metal Dynasty features an awesome AOD mode for those who wish their watch to keep the display on at all times. Due to the fact that the watch face is designed to preserve energy, the AOD mode looks exactly the same with the active screen mode.

We hope that MK007 – Metal Dynasty will decorate your watch regardless if in sport activities or leisure time.


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