Ended – MK027 – Dynamo Coupon Giveaway

MK027 – Dynamo is one of the most advanced MKWatchface dial with tons of customisation options such as: Individual Color changes, textures, auto light up mode and more. Now you have the chance to get it for free with one of the 50 available coupons per country.

Activity Data:

– Floors
– Distance (KM/Miles)
– Steps Count
– Steps Progress gauge
– Heart Rate
– Dynamic Heart Range


Basic Data

– Date (dd/mm) Multilanguage*
– Week of the year
– Digital time (12Hrs / 24Hrs) no leading zero
– Battery Indicator



– Double tap the “Texture” button to change background (7 available backgrounds)
– Tap the “Brightness” button to change screen brightness
– Double tap on 9 Position to enable/disable Dynamic Heart Range
– Double tap the screen to change color (8 available colors)
– Double tap the Steps Progress gauge to change color (8 Available colors)
– Move your wrist to activate the Auto Light-up mode


Other Shortcuts

– Double tap the “Weather” button to check the weather
– Double tap the “Workout” button to start exercising
– Double tap the “Music” button to start the music player
– Double tap the  “Phone” button to make a phone call
– Double tap in the middle of the face to open your recent apps

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Coupon giveaway has ended.

5 thoughts on “Ended – MK027 – Dynamo Coupon Giveaway

  1. Steven Reply

    I’m from the U.S.A. and never make it on time to get a coupon to try out the watchfaces.

    • Admin Post authorReply

      Hi Steven,

      How do you find out about the giveaways? Through a specific group on Facebook? If yes which one please? I always recommend you to subscribe to our mailing list because an email is sent to all subscriber as soon as the giveaway is posted…

      Hope this helps

      • Steven Reply

        I dont remember how I found out about your website, but I just recently signed up for the newsletter, so hopefully that will work. You guys have really great watch faces! I just cant afford to buy very many watchfaces anymore, so finding your website was pretty exciting…but there wasnt any USA ones left. Anywho, thanks for the support!

      • Steven Reply

        Is it possible to atleast reset these coupons and I can try my chance at one? Thanks alot for your time and support!

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