Auto Light-up

When we first designed the GA Color mode, we knew there are possibilities to expand. While the GA Color mode allows automatic color changing using values from the built in gyroscope, we have moved a step further with our new innovation called “Auto Light-up”

Auto Light-up is a mode that is used on Digital or Hybrid watch faces in which the screen is turning on or off automatically when you raise your wrist, to increase visibility of the data. This feature simulates the light function of traditional watches.

While the 2 methods look very similar as both use gyroscope inputs to function, in designing terms they are very different. Auto Light-up mode is using multiple layers that hide or show depending of the gyroscope values. The layers involved in this method need to be precise and are designed using gradients, patterns and glows to give the impression of a screen illuminated from a light source.

Here is an example:

While the “Auto Light-up” mode is enabled, you can still select your desired color as the mode is designed to work individually and is not disrupting the usage of other techniques used in the watch faces.

Make sure to check also the below video for further details:

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