App Drawer

The “App Drawer” is a natural extension of our previous technique the “Tap To Reveal” where an element of app shortcuts is originally hidden from view and appears when the user is tapping a certain area. The “App Drawer” contains shortcuts to your watch applications and it’s designed to increase efficiency and productivity. Below you can find an example of this stunning feature:

Many watch faces on the store are providing app shortcuts. Usually they come in a small text around the index or the developers assume that if a user double taps the steps gauge it’s self explanatory that the S Health app will open.

Many users on the other hand, they change watch faces too often to remember where the shortcuts are placed and what application opens, spending time to “learn” to use their watch face from the beginning.

App Drawer has been designed to address exactly this issue. Usually in our watch faces, we include a button to show an element on the watch face, that contains shortcuts to both predefined and user-defined apps. With this feature, all shortcuts are placed in a certain area of the watch face clearly defined by icons.

Look closely our watch faces descriptions and images to understand which faces contain this awesome feature.

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